Photo Day for doublesolid. My hands look like feet, just saying. Photo Cred Mark Buckawicki

Lately the struggle has been real. Every day I tell myself all the things I want to do and instead, I focus on one. My business.

Considering my entire business is about balance, you’d think I’d have a better grip on the work/life balance thing by now.

Truth is, I don’t have motivation for much else. Everything else seems like such a chore. Even going for a facial is a chore for me because it takes me away from what I want to be doing, working.

And yes, I know how ridiculous those last two sentences are. I’m not boasting…

I love this logo because it makes me look like a tough girl. Don’t get me wrong, I have more “sass” than “frass” sometimes. However, most of the time I am questioning everything I do in most moments the majority of days.

Often I don’t feel good about how much I do or how well I do it. When I speak sometimes I literally feel I’m speaking in tongues and everyone around me is just nodding and smiling because that’s what people do when you’re a little whacky and they’re a little polite.

Truth is, some days I feel tough…

Me, hiding from math.

Did you know those of us with ADHD, ADD can experience hyperfocus? You hear ADD and think distractibility. But, as ADDitude writes: Hyperfocus, a common — but confusing — symptom of ADHD, is the ability to zero in intensely on an interesting project or activity for hours at a time. It is the opposite of distractibility, and it is common among both children and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

And yes, I know this gift well. I do see it as a gift because when I’m focused you can’t break my attention from my goal. However, when I need…

Tastefully Defiant, Sweet & Sass!

A little over a year ago I had a burning sensation in my chest unrelated to over-consumption of pizza or french fries. No, this sensation was one of passion to create, to grow and to share whatever I produce from the depths of my heart and soul with the world.

Yikes, just writing that sounds scary as hell.

At the time I had preferred that burning in my chest to be the pizza because I just didn’t know what steps to take toward a new path in life. …

Image by Lil’ Mo Big World via Instagram

don’t look at me

from behind your screen

don’t yell at me

from behind your keys

stand with me in the sun

let’s share a moment

before you spill your coffee

on my dress

and ruin it forever

Cold as ice tall glass of cool water hot tamale baby got back.

Skinny ankles big mouth know it all warm as apple pie.

Eyebrow raising talking smack wake up light as a feather.

Powerhouse firecracker throat punch with no sense nonsense.

Catches sun in stardust feet on the ground head in the clouds.

In and out over and over with him her and them gluten free and wild; boho.

And then some.

The splatter in my brain

Though surreal

Appears mostly thick, wet

Yet flowing

Just above

Overworked bends and sways of

Gooey, thick mildewed tissue-


And forgetting

Each new swoosh

With the previous paint brush.

Well, other than the reality in which

It shines,

Of course.

Makes for insensible

Conversation with

With oneself, daily


Futile with

Most others

Even when perched quaintly in

A high-end, sharp corner-


Long sleeves

Each misshapen Cumbersome fork and spoon.

A distorted placement

Of anger

Briefly shaded in grey,


From grunts

Ending quickly

In high pitched vibration

making even

The littlest of…

I always thought

You were absurd

I never thought

You were wrong

I rolled my tired eyes

Back inside of my head

-felt your insides

Find mine right along

I knew you were absurd

But never thought

You were wrong

One night

I sat in my room


staring blindly


at the electric screen

(or boob tube in jest).

It yelled


and yah-yah’d

all (well) over

my head.

I heard it all

without listening,


With muscles


ached and stabbed


they saw fit.

My insides;

they screamed.

No wonder I



the television.

Hindsight, as they say-

is twenty-twenty.

If standing still



To free falling

Through a

Trap door

In the late

Evening hours


The most haunted


All skyscrapers

Rampant with








Who have yet

To settle their scores

Among the living


My application

To mime school

Would be honored

By each; every


Of, well, mime

From here



Persuaded by


Of the highest



Recruited by

A botanical family; of course

For the

Boys with guns

To instruct

The secret-est

Of all


On how

To fool

Even the Most


With nothing but

The art





Explorer of all things exciting and dull, in love with any form of expression, and excited by new ideas to write for me in hopes to connect with others.

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