Sometimes people talk

And I’m all…

This is great, I dig them.

Other times people talk

And I’m all…

Listen, shut the fuck up.

I’m dealing with a personal Hell right now.

My skin is crawling.

My eye is twitching.

Everywhere I look

Makes me think and feel worse.

My vision is blurry.

My balance is off.

As I don’t know if I can survive another day like this.

All I want to do is run.

Farther away than the time before.

Until I dissipate into the wind.

And my thoughts slow down; for once.

But I am (rudely) interrupted.

And the cashier grunts, “That will be $2.68”.

“Hmmph”, I grunt back as I pull out my wallet.

Shoving the powdered donut in my face.

Smacking my lips and I’m all…

This is great. I dig them.